The Nature Hub

Visit a range of exhibitors dedicated to conservation, sustainability and regeneration at the Maleny Wood Expo

Barung Landcare

Barung Landcare, host of the Maleny Wood Expo, is a local community-led environmental not-for-profit working to develop ethical solutions for a sustainable future. Based in Maleny, Barung Landcare works with a range of organisations to carry out important regeneration work, and supports the local community to conserve and enhance the rich diversity of natural resources of the Blackall Range and surrounds.

Stock up on your native plant needs at the Barung Landcare tent over the weekend, talk to the friendly staff about your own projects or ideas, and pick up a range of resources to help you along the way. Whether you are planning to plant a selection of native timbers, or a Garden for Wildlife, Barung Landcare will have a wide selection of local native plants, books and other resources for sale at the Maleny Wood Expo.

Brush Turkey Enterprises

Brush Turkey Enterprises is an award-winning local Maleny business that specialises in the restoration of native vegetation, through research, education, consultancy, contracting and cultivation of our unique native flora.

Brush Turkey offers a holistic service that is more than just a business, the team has a passion for restoring the local environment, educating the wider community about our local ecosystems and providing quality products and services that support others to look after the environment.

Say hello to the friendly team over the weekend, pick up some resources and learn more about how you can look after the natural environment too. You can also visit them at their specialist native nursery for gardeners and revegetators alike, which is Forest Heart Nursery, 20 Coral Street, Maleny.

Friends of Mary Cairncross Association

The Friends of Mary Cairncross Association supports Sunshine Coast Council in the protection and enhancement of one of the Sunshine Coast’s most rare and iconic remnants of subtropical rainforest - Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.

Learn more about our local rainforests from their team of dedicated volunteers.

Hinterland Bush Links

Hinterland Bush Links (HBL) is a local Sunshine Coast organisation that supports local landholders to connect, restore and protect native vegetation.

Their work aims to improve landscape-scale wildlife corridors and help protect biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Over the weekend learn more about how HBL has been helping local landholders through their volunteer programs, weed removal, tree planting and educational events since 2011.

Land for Wildlife - Sunshine Coast Council

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary conservation program that supports participants in protecting, enhancing and rehabilitating native flora and fauna on their property.

Visit the Land for Wildlife exhibit over the weekend and learn more about the wonderful benefits that being a Land for Wildlife property has on the local environment.

Queensland Koala Crusaders

Queensland Koala Crusaders deliver a range of activities that raise awareness and educate local community members, landholders, policy makers, visitors and the next generation regarding all aspects of koala and habitat conservation, safety and support.

Visit the Queensland Koala Crusaders information stall over the weekend to learn more about how to create Koala friendly communities. There will be merchandise, Q&A opportunities and give-aways.

Queensland Mycological Society

The Queensland Mycological Society (QMS) provides a forum and a network for amateur and professional mycologists to share their common interest in macrofungi. QMS also encourages and supports the study and research of macrofungi, particularly in Queensland, through the collection, storage, and analysis of specimens.

The primary objectives of QMS are to document the biodiversity of fungi in our region, promote an understanding of mycology and an awareness of the importance of conservation.

Visit the Queensland Mycological Society stall over the weekend which will feature macrofungi, and members will be on hand to discuss the role of fungi in the ecosystem, and the importance of fungi in growing native plants.

Sunshine Coast Council - Biosecurity

Invasive plants and animals pose a significant threat to our natural areas and native animals, agriculture and production, human health and our way of life.

Meet some of the staff from Sunshine Coast Council over the weekend who work on a range of programs to educate and support the public to eradicate invasive species across the region.

Sunshine Coast Environment Council

Sunshine Coast Council (SCEC) has been a peak environmental advocacy group that has been working to protect the Sunshine Coast Environment for over 40 years. SCEC advocates for better environmental policy, supports local groups on campaigns to protect our natural landscape and marine environments, and encourages action on climate change through education and community engagement.

Meet the team over the weekend and hear about a range of campaigns and activities that are happening across the region.

Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld - Sunshine Coast & Hinterland

Wildlife Preservation Society (WPS) Queensland is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving Queensland’s native wildlife and habitat. For 60 years, the organisation has encouraged governments to protect threatened habitats, from the coast to the rainforest, and has coordinated projects that conserve threatened species, educate communities and raise awareness of wildlife conservation issues.

Visit the WPS stall over the weekend which will feature the history of the organisation, and the history of the conservation movement on the Sunshine Coast, as well as material on local flora and fauna, and related art and craft.