Catch a range of amazing local musicians and performers at the Maleny Wood Expo!

Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally On Purpose are an amazing young trio from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Driven by the gorgeous vocals and rhythm playing of Shelby and the multi-instrumental magic and sweet vocal harmonies of Siena and Lexie, AOP play intricate arrangements of classic rock and pop tunes and their own well-crafted originals. With the addition of ukulele master Tom Richter on guitar, bass, ukulele and harmonica, AOP is an act not to be missed accidentally or on purpose!

Performing: 12.30pm | Sunday May 5th 

Buderim Concert Band

Buderim Concert Band is a community band that enjoys playing and performing a variety of music. Members of the group range from amateur, semi-professional and retired professional musicians coming from all walks of life to bring you an eclectic mix of beautiful tunes.

Performing: 10.30 am | Monday May 6th

Chris Cobb

Chris Cobb draws inspiration for his lyrics from everyday life and personal experiences. His music draws on the beats and rhythms of traditional sounds and rhythms of Papua New Guinea and likes to add his special contemporary touch or twist to make it my own and appeal to the modern audience.

Performing: 12.30 pm | Sarturday May 4th

Hayden Hack

Hayden Hack, the award-winning South African songwriter and musician, is a trailblazing maestro crafting sonic wonders.
With his unique blend of guitar and vocal soundscape, Hayden seamlessly incorporates live looping techniques into his performances, captivating audiences around the world. His musical journey began in 2000 when he left South Africa to explore the global music scene and refine his craft.

Performing: 1.30 pm | Saturday May 4th


Holzweg is a dynamic musical duo of Maleny, Queensland, locals Malcolm Holz and Ruedi Schoensleben. Their music reflects life’s beautiful moments, challenges, and triumphs, inviting audiences on a soul-stirring journey through the rich tapestry of emotions.

Performing: 10.15 am | Saturday May 4th

Kelly Cork

Kelly Cork has firmly established himself as a stalwart presence in the Australian singer-songwriter scene. Unassuming yet undeniably powerful, Kelly’s performances resonate with an understated passion that captures the hearts of his audience. His musical journey intertwines with some of Australia’s most revered artists, as he shares the stage with the likes of Kevin Bennett, Luke O’Shae, Lyn Bowtell, Brad Butcher, Sara Storer, Catherine Britt, and Felicity Urquhart, among others. A testament to his standing in the industry, Kelly is not just a collaborator; he is a cherished companion on the road of musical exploration. 

Performing: 11.00 am | Saturday May 4th

Linsey Pollak

Linsey Pollak creates and performs original music using original musical instruments that he invents, makes and plays, from Gidgee, Mulga, Budgeroo, Crows Ash, Bamboo, aluminium, Polyethylene, rubber gloves, garden hose, watering cans, goatskin, and much, much more …

Performing: 11.30 am | Sunday May 5th

Mama Buluku

Mama Buluku is a celebration of primal rhythm and the powerful life force it awakens. This exhilarating display of West African inspired music and dance features the big base Doun doun drums fused into innovative choreographies with intricate live polyrythmic drumming and spirited song. This all-women’s ensemble offers a stunning, contemporary and uplifting performance that is infectious in its high energy and joy.

Performing:  Sunday May 4th, 10.00 am & 1 pm | Monday May 6th, 10.45 am & 1 pm

Niq Reefman

Niq is deliciously mad. In the current & convincing wonderland he weaves magic into the mundane. Through his soma-sonic explorations, he lives by the mantras “Try almost any idea at least once” and “Good times make good memories…challenging times make good stories”. 

Performing: Roving performance Sunday May 5th & Monday May 6th

Noel Gardner & The Party Faithful

With Alex Bridge on bass and harmonies, Jem Dunlop on mandolin and Peter Hudson on drums, these local constituents add a rich texture to Noel’s guitar and songs with  lyrics that are soaked in the natural elements of the Australian landscape and reflect insightful observations on life’s journey.

Performing: 9 am | Monday May 6th

Phoebe Rose

Phoebe Rose is a rising artist whose captivating and evocative songwriting draws inspiration from the poetic moodiness of Phoebe Bridgers, Jewel, and Noah Cyrus. Her heavenly vocals beautifully compliment the expressive songwriting. There is a raw vulnerability and maturity to her performance style that transcends her years. A true multi-instrumentalist, she is renowned for her unforgettable stage presence and her effortless ability to fuse styles of country and folk that leave an audience mesmerised. 

Performing: 9.30 am | Saturday May 4th


Rubatuba is an accordion-tuba duo who perform a variety of traditional music styles with their origins connected to dance, including Klesmer/Balkan, Gypsy, French, Italian, Celtic, Latin. Based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, they love roving the streets of the world.

Roving performers Saturday May 4th

Sam Shepherd

Sam’s unique playing style draws from a wide range of influences. Jazz, country and everything in between, Sam plays it all, blending styles to make a sound that’s distinctly his own.

Performing: 12.00 & 1.30 pm | Monday May 6th

Shanleigh Rose

Shanleigh Rose is a 17 year old singer / songwriter from the Sunshine Coast with an undying passion for music. She strives to share universal experiences, emotions and stories through her lyrics and melodies, taking inspiration from a range of different artists, genres, and influences from contemporary country to folk-pop. Following the release of her two independent singles, Shanleigh is now working on a three track Ep with the first track “Boy next door” released April this year.

Performing: 9.45 am | Sunday May 5th

Sweet Chilli Choir

Sweet Chilli – Maleny’s own Acappella Women’s Choir! “The Chillis” are thrilled to be celebrating their 20th birthday this year! Throughout this time – at festivals, local events and fundraisers, concerts and ceremonies – and in their luscious 3 and 4-part harmonies, Sweet Chilli have sung their way into the hearts of their community. They sing a lively and eclectic blend of women’s songs; songs of heart-connection, songs for peace, justice and social change; and songs celebrating Mother Earth and her elements.

Performing: 1 pm | Monday May 1st

Tommy Leonard

Tommy has sung and played guitar at local folk clubs, festivals, funerals, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions in the Maleny region, with occasional ventures further afield, Drawing on the inspiration of troubadours past and present, he weaves a tapestry of melodies and lyrics tailored to each performance.

Performing: 10.30 am | Sunday May 5th 

Vix Bluesinger

With a passion for the Blues that is clearly evident in every performance,
Vix’ love of the genre shines through, in her powerful, raw and passionate delivery.
Well know around the Sunshine Coast as the Lead Singer & Guitarist of the all-female Blues Band ,“Vix and the Slick Chix”, Vix is also a singer/songwriter in her own right.
Her solo project utilises a Boss looper, to create a full bodied sound to support her wailing solos on her petite red Gibson guitar.
This woman leaves no stone unturned as she mines every last ounce of emotion from some of the greatest blues tunes ever written. Coupled with some tasty original tunes that sit along side the classics with ease…….If you are a blues fan, you don’t wanna miss this.

Performing: 2.00 pm | Sunday May 5th