The Sustainability Hub

Brought to you by Maleny Commerce, the Sustainability Hub has a range of exhibitors dedicated to sustainable living. 

Big Heart Bamboo

Choose from the signature range of award-winning gourmet bamboo delicacies made from freshly harvested gourmet bamboo shoots that are hand picked at first light, from this spray-free farm nestled in the Noosa Hinterland.

Ecoflo Wastewater Management

Ecoflo Wastewater Management is the leading manufacturer and retailer of waterless composting toilets and greywater systems in Australia, providing solutions that are environmentally smart and cost-effective for domestic, commercial, off-grid, camping and accommodation-based purposes.

ecoTekk Sunshine Coast

ecoTekk empowers people to connect with nature, live in the moment, and immerse themselves in the beauty that is the Sunshine Coast. We aim to create rich, layered, embodied memories and give people a vehicle that brings joy, ease, and a sense of connection.

Selling and servicing e-bikes in the Sunshine Coast area, ecoTekk enables locals to make the most out of their commute and tread lightly on the planet.

Their guided tours and bike hire helps introduce people to the beauty of the region in a unique way.

Frog In A Teacup

Frog In A Teacup believes in normalising sustainable practices with handmade Reusable Wraps for Litterless Lunches. These versatile, simple, plastic free alternatives to keep your food fresh are better for your health, wallet and the planet.

Available in a wide variety of designs, perfectly sized for packed lunches and easy to maintain, these biodegradable beeswax wraps will make lunchboxes green again.

Hemp BLOCK Australia

Building projects of any size are costly and can leave a negative footprint on the environment. In a time where both sustainability and minimising expenditure are of paramount significance, Hemp Block Australia (HBA) provides the superior building solution for residential, government and commercial building projects.

Hempcrete is the sustainable alternative to a traditional brick and concrete block home. Created from a completely natural mix of hemp, lime and water, our load bearing hempcrete block system is the only carbon negative option of its kind throughout Australia.

This innovative load bearing building system is engineered with weather-resistant, durable materials to make sure your building project stands the test of time and reduces the impact on the environment in the process.

Kangen Water

Change Your Water, Change Your Life.

Our bodies are made up of over 70% water, so it makes sense to be aware of the quality of the water we are putting into our bodies.

Find out how just one device transforms your tap water into pure, healthy, electrolysed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water.

Lifestyle Cabins Unplugged

Lifestyle Cabins unplugged focuses on self-contained homes on wheels that combine the benefits of an off-grid lifestyle with the complete comfort of conventional housing.

These Australian-made tiny homes include all the modern basics, from hot water, lights, and power to kitchen appliances. They can be located anywhere and completely surrounded by nature, yet still provide the comfort and contemporary style of typical family homes.

Pricing for turnkey tiny homes starting at AUD $134,000


SolarWide are a long standing, local solar and battery company that started back in 2011. SolarWide specialise in solar power and battery systems for residential and commercial premises.

SolarWide custom design each system, and install each one with their own in-house teams of experienced solar installers, only using quality products that are built to last.

The Sustainability Hub is proudly brought to you by Maleny Commerce.